“The Strength of the Wolf is its Pack.”



The A-Z guide of program policies, procedures, and expectations for all players and parents of the

Claremont Football Program.







Dear Players and Parents,


Welcome to the 2023 Wolfpack football season!  I am extremely excited to be your head varsity coach and feel privileged to carry on the tradition of such a reputable football program.  In order to ensure the ultimate success of the program, both on and off the field, please read, understand, and adhere to the following information.  If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please contact me at your earliest convenience.  It is my sincerest hope you all have a positive and memorable experience and I look forward to working with all of you this season.  Thank you in advance for your time and assistance in making Claremont football one of the premiere programs in Southern California.  I am truly honored and proud to be a member of the Wolfpack program!


Shane Hile, Head Coach

 (909) 624-9053  Ext.  30817



Academic Eligibility

Per CIF-SS guidelines, all players are expected to maintain a minimum grade point average (G.P.A.) of 2.00.  You are strongly encouraged to set higher academic goals for yourselves, as your top priority as a student-athlete is academics.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your eligibility, please contact Mr. Mike Collins, Athletic Director.


Alcohol & Drugs

The Claremont High School policy on alcohol, tobacco and drug use will be followed.  This includes smokeless tobacco, steroids, performance-enhancing drugs, etc.  You are a high-school athlete—these substances have no place in your body at any time.


In addition to being addicting and dangerous, the use of smokeless tobacco (i.e. “dip” and “chew”) is strictly prohibited at all times while on the football field. 


Amateur Status

The CIF-SS has very specific rules about players retaining their “amateur status.”  Players should notify Coach Hile before they attend any tryout camp, showcase, speak with a scout or college coach, or are offered any money or payment for their skills—this could even include giving hitting lessons, working camps, appearing in a commercial, etc. 


Athletic Clearance Forms

Players must submit a completed Athletic Clearance Form before they participate in any conditioning, tryout, practice or game. Forms can be completed using the website 


Awards Banquet—Night of the Wolf

At the conclusion of the season, all players from the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman teams will be honored and recognized for their efforts and achievements.  The inaugural Night of the Wolf Awards Banquet will be at a date not yet determined and invitations will be sent out in advance with more details and information.  The awards banquet for the varsity team will be at the Doubletree Hotel and will include dinner and dessert prior to the awards ceremony.   Players are expected to dress in collared shirts, nice pants (no jeans or shorts), and nice shoes as well as maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance for this special evening. 


This is an important event for the players, and all players, parents, relatives, and friends are encouraged to participate in this evening of celebration.  The awards night will run for approximately two and a half hours, a small window of time when considering the achievements of each individual player. 


Coaching Staff

All Wolfpack coaches will be carefully interviewed and selected.  Each coach is unique and has his own style that will allow players to gain as much knowledge and perspective as possible.  All coaches should be respected equally for the time and commitment they provide the players and the program.  All coaches are here to help you—our doors are always open.



Players with a desire to play football beyond high school should be in early contact with Coach Hile.  It is the varsity coach’s job to assist you in this potentially-confusing and arduous process, so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.  There is likely a college out there for you, it is just a matter of finding the one that “fits.” Stay tuned for more details and information.


In the event college coaches or scouts are in attendance at games (whether they are there for another team or ours), players will have the same opportunity to stand out, regardless of who is there to watch.  If you always play as if you are being watched, and give your best effort at all times, you never know whose attention you might attract.



Most communication will occur via e-mail.  The telephone will be used as a secondary mode of communication.  Please make sure Coach Hile has your most recent information, and please notify them of any changes throughout the season.  It is expected that the e-mail will be checked regularly so that you may be aware of the most recent happenings in the program. 


Community Service

The Claremont Football Program will be participating in at least one community service project this year.  More information will follow.


Contacting the Coach--I

In contacting the coach with an issue or concern, please adhere to the following procedures:

1) The player must contact his coach first to explain and discuss the issue.

2) If the issue is not resolved, the parent(s) may contact the head coach via e-mail.

3) If the issue is still not resolved, a meeting between the head coach, Coach Hile, the parent(s), and the player will be scheduled.

4) If the issue is still not resolved, Mr. Mike Collins, Athletic Director, may become involved.


By respecting and following this chain of command, issues and concerns have a much greater chance of being resolved amicably.  Issues will likely worsen if other solutions are first attempted (speaking to the Booster President, going directly to the principal, etc.).  In most cases, the coach may not even be aware a problem exists—please give the coach the opportunity to address your concern.


Playing time issues are the decision of each head coach and are generally not reasons for contacting the coach.  Coaches make decisions based upon the interests of the entire team, not the individual player.  Please be aware that all lower level coaches will report back to Coach Hile about all parent contacts so the varsity coach is aware of what is occurring in the program at all times.  Before deciding to contact the coach, parents may want to attend a few practices to get a better idea of what may or may not be happening.


Contacting the Coach—II

In an effort to encourage open dialogue and communication, Coach Hile will be available each Thursday beginning at 6:30 p.m. (once official practice begins) to discuss issues of playing time, areas for player improvement and/or other relevant issues.  Any parent(s) who would like to discuss any concerns related to playing time are invited to stop by and meet with Coach Hile, the coaching staff, and their son in a private and candid conversation (as long as the player has first made contact with the coach).  Meetings will be held to 15 minutes. Coach Hile will stay as late as needed to accommodate multiple meetings if necessary.



All program equipment should be treated with care and respect.  Equipment is inventoried and assessed annually to ensure players have the best possible equipmentIt is inappropriate to mistreat any equipment, including throwing pads, helmets, etc.  Please take pride in all equipment.



All fundraising efforts come from Coach Hile and the boosters, and all players and parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer their time and effort.  Fundraising efforts go directly to the Wolfpack Football Program to assist with uniform costs, equipment, field renovations, tournament fees, etc.  No effort is “too small,” and your willingness to help is greatly appreciated.


The major fundraiser this season will be our email fundraiser and car wash fundraiser this summer.  Other smaller fundraisers will be held where your participation will be requested.  Thank you in advance for your much-needed assistance.  Without your efforts, the program could not run effectively!


Game Days (Also See “Travel”)

Generally, San Antonio League football games for all three teams will be on Thursdays and Fridays.  The Varsity and Freshman teams will play against one league opponent at one site, and the Junior Varsity team will play against the same opponent at the opposite site.  Tournaments and non-league games are scheduled for all three levels.  Starting times for all weekday games are 3:15 for lower level amd 7pm for varsity.  Tournament starting times vary and will be announced at a later date.  Players must be in attendance at least four periods on the day of a game to be eligible to participate in any game or practice.


Players should be ready to enter the game at any time, which includes staying stretched and warm.  This also means keeping mentally aware of what is happening in the game by anticipating what may happen, especially for role players.  All players will be supportive of their teammates.  Players will remain in the bench area and should avoid socializing with friends or family during the game—this includes accepting food or drinks during the game.  Players not currently in the game may have other assignments, such as charting, warming up other players, retrieving footballs, etc.  Players will respect and support their teammates at all times.


In-Season Practice

Players are expected to attend practice on a consistent basis.  Practices will begin promptly at 3:45 in the weight room and 5:15-7:45 pm on the field.  Players should be ready at 3:45, so arriving earlier is recommended.  Water breaks will be regularly scheduled into practice, so it is advised to bring plenty of water, Gatorade, etc.


Practices are “open” to parents, providing they remain in the stands and avoid involvement with players and/or coaches.  Players will be dismissed as a team after the field is cleaned up.


Players should notify their head coach in advance if they need to miss any part of practice.  Coaches will exercise caution in allowing players to miss practice, but some reasons may be compelling enough to grant permission.  Please try to avoid scheduling doctor appointments, driving lessons and other commitments during practice time.  If it is impossible to avoid such scheduling conflicts, please talk to your head coach so arrangements can be discussed.  Players must be in attendance at least four periods on the day of a game to be eligible to participate in any game or practice (unless cleared through the office by parent).


Maroon & Gray Intrasquad

The Maroon and Gray Intrasquad will be on on the varsity football field. All parents are encouraged to attend all day to support the entire program as it prepares for the upcoming season.  More in formation and details will follow.


Max Preps

This website is a one-stop source for standings, rosters, records, statistics, etc. of all CIF-SS varsity teams.  Keep up with Wolfpack Football and the Palomares League by visiting!


NCAA Clearinghouse

Players wanting to pursue their Football careers in a Division I university should be cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse.  It is best to do this during your sophomore or junior year and definitely before your senior season.  Please see your counselor or Coach Hile for assistance with this process.

Other Sports

All coaches affiliated with Wolfpack Football completely encourage and support players participating in other high school sports and/or activities.  Players should take advantage of the high school experience by participating in as many activities as they choose.  Players in other activities should not feel as if they are “missing out” by not being in the off-season football.  The coaches expect you to give your full time and commitment to your in-season activities, just as you are expected to give your full time and commitment during football season.  Players are expected to stay updated with program events (fundraisers, meetings, etc.).


Please be aware that it is against CIF-SS rules to participate on an outside football program during the official high school football season.



Attendance and demonstrating good sportsmanship at our games and functions is greatly appreciated.  Please remember to keep comments positive, whether they are to your own son, another player or parent, a coach, an umpire, or any other opposing player, parent, or coach.    Claremont High School should be looked to as the class of the league at all times.



High school football is about being part of a team, a unit greater than any individual, and accepting all of the challenges, successes, and failures that come with that responsibility.  It is not about winning and losing; rather, football is about incorporating the lessons learned through victory and defeat into our daily lives.  Football is a game that allows us to learn about ourselves, our teammates and, ultimately, life.


Player Appearance

Players should be well-groomed and maintain a neat and orderly appearance.  Uniforms and equipment should also be well-maintained.  When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you play great!  Please take pride in dressing for school, as well, which includes avoiding baseball hats while in class.  You are always representing Wolfpack football.


Player Conduct

Players should play the game with pride and class when they step onto the football field.  All coaches, players, fans, refs, and other school personnel should be respected.  The reputation of Wolfpack football is with us forever.  It only takes a single moment to negate what it has taken years to build. Players should demonstrate pride, respect and restraint at all times.  Players are expected to demonstrate exemplary behavior in the classroom, as well.


The use of profanity, throwing equipment, arguing or questioning a referee and/or any other embarrassing behavior is strictly prohibited and consequences will follow.

Playing Time

The concept of “equal playing time” does not exist at the high school level, especially on the varsity team.  Positions will consistently be earned, and starting line-ups may change from game to game or week to week.  Players may also be asked to fulfill certain roles, Every role is an important one and is crucial to the overall success of the team and/or program.


Private Coaches

Working out with a private coach is a great idea.  No Wolfpack coach will feel slighted or offended if a player is working “after hours” to make himself a better player.  It is virtually impossible for players to reach their full potential in the few hours we have each day.  Of all players reaching the next level, most have their own private coach.  Before choosing a private coach, you may want to consider consulting your head coach to make sure you are hiring a qualified person who has a good reputation.  Please understand that it is against CIF-SS regulations for players to work out with any football coach affiliated with Claremont High School for payment.


Program Support

Wolfpack Football is a program, not just a varsity team.  Players and parents are encouraged to attend as many games as possible to show support for our teams.  Valuable team camaraderie is established when players and parents at all three levels are valued and respected.  It is also important to support other programs at Claremont High School.



Season Length

The official football season begins in August and goes through November with CIF-SS playoffs follow.  Please refer to the Master Schedule for all practice and game dates and times.


Selection and Placement

Players will receive a comprehensive evaluation prior to the start of the football season.  The teams will be selected after careful discussion and consideration from the Wolfpack coaching staff.  Players who demonstrate the ability to successfully compete at the high school level will be assigned to one of the three teams.  The coaching staff will not simply fill uniform or roster slots—it is an honor to wear the Maroon and White. 


Please understand that players are not evaluated on skill alone.  Respect, cooperation, enthusiasm, hustle, dedication and a positive attitude are among other factors that will be considered.


Senior Ceremony

The Senior Ceremony is an opportunity for the program to acknowledge and celebrate the careers of each senior as he is accompanied by his parent(s).  It will be well-attended, with many administrators, teachers, family and friends in attendance.  Please plan on participating in this special event as our seniors bid farewell to Wolfpack Football.



Many local businesses and organizations will be supporting Wolfpack Football this season.  In turn, it is courteous to show our support of those businesses.  The next time you go out to eat or need a professional service, please remember who is supporting this program.


Summer Football

Though details and information are still pending, Claremont will be participating in summer passing leagues and lineman competitions.   While all teams will give their best efforts, the purpose of summer football is to gain experience and work on fundamentals in preparing for the following season.  Every effort will be made to accommodate multiple-sport athletes, vacations and other planned activities.  More information will follow as soon as it becomes available.



CIF-SS regulations clearly state that it is illegal to engage in any scheduled practice or game on a Sunday.  Players are able to work out on their own, but a Claremont coach may not be present. 


It is recommended that players take Sundays completely off from football.  Players work very hard during the week, and their bodies deserve a break from the daily grind.  Use this time off to spend time with family, friends, get caught up with school, or simply to relax.


Team Concept

Players will be part of the Wolfpack Football family throughout the next several months.  Your actions should be for the benefit of the team.  Please demonstrate respect and support of your teammates at all times.  The quickest way to begin losing is to create unnecessary dissention on the field.  Further, what happens on the field should stay on the field.  Please respect the privacy and confidentiality of your teammates and coaching staff.  We are a family and should support each other through both good and difficult times. 


Team Pictures

Team Pictures will be taken in August on the varsity football field for all three teams.  While purchasing pictures is optional (picture packets will be distributed about one week prior), all players should be in the team picture.  Further, all players should take an individual picture for the annual Media Guide.  Each individual team will decide on what uniform they would like to wear.  More information and details will follow.



All three teams will be traveling by bus to away games.  It is expected that all players take the bus to and from each game.  Any exceptions must be cleared through Coach Hile, and parents must sign a waiver.  Players may leave class early only at the specified times.  All players will demonstrate appropriate behavior while on the bus.



Uniforms and equipment should be laundered and cleaned on a consistent basis.  Please make sure all uniforms and equipment are treated with care.  If there is a problem with any uniform or equipment, please notify your coach so the problem can be rectified.


Wolfpack Merchandise

Wolfpack merchandise will be on sale throughout the year.  You will have the opportunity to purchase sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, visors, etc.  Please support Wolfpack Football by watching games dressed in our school colors!






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Please return to Coach Hile as soon as possible.




I have read all of the information of the WOLFPACK FOOTBALL HANDBOOK.  I understand what is expected and agree to follow and support all policies, procedures, and expectations throughout the entire season. 



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